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Treatment Services

The Probation Office assists clients with obtaining services for substance abuse and mental health treatment.  Treatment helps clients succeed in their supervision by addressing issues that may have led to poor decision making in the past, by helping clients learn to cope with stressful situations in constructive ways, and by identifying on-going needs for counseling, medication, or treatment.  Treatment services may include individual, group, or family counseling, periodic drug testing, psychiatric evaluations, or medication.  The Probation Office may work with the Court, mental health and substance abuse professionals, the client, and his or her family to assess a client's needs and to identify the most appropriate treatment options.

Treatment may be ordered as a term of supervision by the Court.  Treatment may also become necessary due to developing symptoms of anxiety, stress, or depression.  Probation Officers are aware that clients under supervision are susceptible to these symptoms and are in a position to help clients find the right resources to address new problems.  Clients are encouraged to discuss mental health and substance abuse needs with their Probation Officers.