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Internship Program


The U.S. Probation Office for the District of Oregon is currently seeking qualified applicants for unpaid student and volunteer internship positions. While working with U.S. Probation Officers, interns will help conduct investigations, attend court hearings, and observe meetings with probation clients. Intern duties vary depending on applicant skills and available positions, and may include assisting with case management, conducting research, developing community resources, and helping prepare reports for the court. Interns will receive training and experience related to multiple aspects of the federal criminal justice system.

Internship positions are typically available year-round, on a seasonal basis consistent with college quarter schedules. We require a commitment of at least 10 weeks, and a total of 160 hours, at an office location in the Portland or Eugene federal courthouses. Hours per week are negotiable, but preference is given to applicants who can commit to a regular schedule of at least 16 hours per week.

Application Process

For more information regarding open positions, qualifications, and the application process, please refer to our current Internship Recruitment flyer. As noted in the flyer, the application process involves the submission of a cover letter, uncertified college transcripts, and a Federal Judicial Branch Application for Employment (Form AO 78). Qualified individuals are contacted for interviews. Internship offers are contingent upon successful completion of a background check.

College-enrolled students may also review and apply for U.S. Probation Office internship positions using Handshake, where open positions and application deadlines are updated regularly.


For more information, please contact one of the following members of the U.S. Probation Office Internship Committee:

Kendra Carlson
U.S. Probation Officer / Internship Site Coordinator, Portland
Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse
1000 SW Third Avenue, Suite 340
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 326-8655 

Ashley Wong
U.S. Probation Officer / Internship Site Coordinator, Eugene
Wayne L. Morse U.S. Courthouse
405 E Eighth Avenue, Suite 1000
Eugene, Or  97401
(541) 431-4064
John Suhocki
U.S. Probation Officer / Intern Recruitment            
Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse
1000 SW Third Avenue, Suite 340
Portland, Or  97204
(503) 326-8635
Adam Jacobson
Supervising U.S. Probation Officer / Internship Coordinator
Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse
1000 SW Third Avenue, Suite 340
Portland, Or  97204
(503) 326-8609