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August 2022 Solicitation

Thursday, September 1, 2022

August 31, 2022 Second Solicitation Notice

PURPOSE: The United States District Court, Probation Office, for the District of Oregon is soliciting proposals to provide treatment and testing services for male and female Federal defendants and persons under supervision who have been ordered by the Court to participate in substance abuse, mental health, and/or sex offender treatment.



Proposal # Treatment Services County/Counties
0979-23-C015 Outpatient Sex Offender Treatment Coos County Zip Codes 97420, 97459



  • Individuals include persons (male and female) on probation, supervised release, or parole, who are under supervision of the United States Probation Office.
  • Inmates of the United States Bureau of Prisons who are residing in Federal Residential Reentry Centers (halfway house); and/or
  • Persons on pretrial status under supervision.


  • Provide treatment and testing services for male and female Federal defendants and persons under supervision ordered by the Court to participate in substance abuse, mental health, and/or sex offender treatment.
  • Conduct monthly treatment staffing’s with the U.S. Probation Officer.









  1. On or about August 31, 2022, the Request for Proposal (RFP) will be posted on the District of Oregon U.S. Probation web page at Request for Proposal | District of Oregon (
    1. If the RFP is not posted by the date, please frequently check the web page for posting.
    2. For Drug Treatment Providers, the Department of Labor wage determination is also available on the web page.
  2. The RFP contains the full text of all applicable Government regulations, and all offerors are subject to the provisions contained in the RFP. In responding to the RFP, you should answer each item and supply all information requested.
    1. Section “L” provides specific directions for potential vendors in completing the proposal.
    2. The minimum standards for the services listed are contained in the Clauses and Term of Agreement.
    3. All proposals will be evaluated the criterion explained in Section “M.”
  3. If you are unable to access the website, or if you have difficulty printing the RFP, please contact Devin Thompson at (503) 326-8619, and a copy will be mailed to you.
  4. There will also be a link on the web page for RFP clarifications. This link will only be used in the event an error is found with the RFP, or if a vendor seeks clarification on an issue. If you have questions regarding RFP, please submit your questions via email to Questions must be submitted no later than Friday, September 2, 2022, at 12:00 p.m.
  5. All responses will be returned via email, as well as all questions and responses posted on the clarification portion of the web page. Therefore, please check the website occasionally while working on the RFP, and prior to submitting the RFP, for any clarification issues.
  6. Proposals will be awarded on the basis of initial offers submitted, and each initial offer should contain your organizations best terms from a cost and technical standpoint. There will be no additional opportunity to modify your proposal.
  7. Please read the RFP CAREFULLY; do not rely on knowledge of previous RFPs, or knowledge of previous Federal procurement procedures.
  8. As a reminder, the vendor must have a site within the catchment area, which will be evaluated during an on-site visit.
  9. The estimated monthly quantity listed in Section “B” of the RFP is the estimate of the services to be provided during the terms of this agreement. It is only an estimate.
  10. Although the Government may choose to into a Blanket Purchase Agreement with multiple vendors, the Government reserves the right to award a single vendor.
  11. The term of Blanket Purchase Agreements is twelve (12) months, with a provision that shall allow the Government to unilaterally extend the agreement for an additional two (2) years, at two (2) twelve (12) month intervals, at the Governments discretion.
  12. The term of Competitive Purchase Orders is twelve (12) months.
  13. A vendor must be capable of providing all services identified in Section “B” and within the geographic area identified in Section “B.”



For all proposals, an original and one (1) copy must be received in the U.S. Probation Office, 1000 SW Third Ave. Ste. 340, Portland, Oregon, 97204, or electronically submitted to no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday, September 9,




2022. The vendor should not submit the proposal in a binder or with any form of binding. All copies must be originally signed with a wet signature. A copy of the Blanket Purchase Agreement/Competitive Purchase Order, Clauses and Terms of Agreement, should be retained by the vendor for their files.


Although the vendor should direct questions directly to the aforementioned e-mail address, if problems arise, you can contact Devin Thompson at (503) 326-8619. Thank you for your interest in working with Federal defendants and persons under supervision.