Reentry Court

The District of Oregon's Reentry Court, established in 2005, was the second such federal program in the nation. In the face of rampant methamphetamine use in the District in recent years, it was apparent to the Court that focused, evidence-based intervention was necessary to help reduce recidivism due to addiction. This video shows that with a broad coalition of service organizations, federal offices, and public groups, the Court now returns prisoners to a life of opportunity rather than a life of despair.

Left to their own resources, recently released offenders are ill-equipped to desist from crime. The likelihood of reoffense is high, often because of drug use. The University of Oregon reports on the District of Oregon's approach to solving the problem. It's a voluntary supervision program designed to keep offenders on the path to a better life.

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District of Oregon Reentry Court Memorandum of Understanding